Herbs & Benefits

Herbs & Benefits


Different herbs and their benefits

There are some common herbs that we include in our soup daily, but do you know what are their benefits? Scroll down to find out more! This section will be updated regularly!

Wolf berries 枸杞子

Health benefits of Wolfberries: · Provide High Levels of Antioxidants and Nutrients · Improve Immune Function and Fight Cancer · Promote Healthy Skin · Protect Eye Health · Help Stabilize Blood Sugar · Detoxify the Liver · Keep Your Energy and Mood Up

Astragalus root 黄芪

Health benefit of Astragalus Root: · Acts as an anti-inflammatory · Boosts the immune system · Slows or prevents the growth of tumors · Protects the cardiovascular system · Regulates and prevents diabetes and illnesses related to diabetes · Contains antioxidative and anti-aging capabilities · Aids in wound healing and minimizes scarring · Alleviates symptoms of chemotherapy · Treats colds and flu · Provides supplemental therapy for chronic asthma


Liquorice root 甘草

Health benefit of Liquorice Root: · H​eartburn and acid reflux · L​eaky Gut Adrenal fatigue · I​mmunity Cough/sore throat · Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) P​ain relief

Ligusticum Wallichii 川芎

Health benefits of Ligusticum Wallichii: · Analgesic Antibacterial · Anti-Fungal · Anti-Inflammatory · Digestive, Expectorant · Sedative · Gynecological disorder · Promote blood circulation · Headache disorders

Chinese Yam 淮山

Health benefits of Yam: · Potentially Regulates Blood Sugar · Improves Cholesterol Levels · Offers Diverticulosis Relief · May Help Reduce Photoaging · Regulate sleep · Tonifying deficiency ·  Strengthening spleen and aid digestion ·  Nourishing kidney and enriching essence

Eucommia Bark - 杜仲

Health benefits of Eucommia Bark: · Strengthen weak bones and joints · Dispel many of the cold wind conditions · Promotes circulation · Tonifies the liver and kidneys · Lowering high blood pressure · Regulate the flow of qi and blood